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ervaring bezorgen, zo niet overtreffen. In 'ons’ Ahoy geven we ze energie, bouwen we aan onvergetelijke ervaringen en bijzondere ontmoetingen. Voor de afdeling Technische Dienst is de volgende vacature ontstaan:   Ben jij een organisatorisch talent en heb je een technische achtergrond? Lees dan vooral verder!  Als Manager Technical Services ben je verantwoordelijk voor het faciliteren van evenementen en onderhoud. Je werkt projectmatig ten aanzien van onderhoud en investeringen. Zo stel je technisch ...

Location Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Rotterdam Ahoy  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-08-26  Save job Save job

attributes: Post-Bachelor or Master’s degree or equivalent; 3-5 years of experience in a customer focused, technical support based role (preferably in HR, possibly IT); Extensive knowledge of cloud HCM tooling (for example Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle); Pro-active and supportive, with good community building skills; Excellent Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft project skills; Strong written and verbal communication, interpersonal and presentational skills, including a high standard of written and spoken ...

Location Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Company name AkzoNobel  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-09-02  Save job Save job

of experienced technical and commercial teams.  To be eligible for the role of Sales Manager Heavy Industry Hydraulic Cylinders, you must have:  a higher vocational education (HBO) in mechanical engineering (WTB), supplemented with commercial and negotiation training hands-on multi-year experience of a wide variety of complex negotiation processes professional experience in at least two of the following markets: offshore, energy, civil (sluices, lock gates), heavy industry and/or oil and gas VCA-based ...

Location Apeldoorn, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Company name Royal IHC  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-10-04  Save job Save job

leiding aan circa 70 medewerkers. De afdelingen Sales Support, Orderbeheer, Planning, Klantenservice, Service buitendienst, Warehouse en Expeditie vallen onder jouw span of control.  Taken en verantwoordelijkheden? In samenwerking met het MT/directie bepaal je mede de doelstellingen en budgetten. Deze doelen vertaal je naar afgeleide doelstellingen voor jouw operationele afdelingen. Het behalen van de gestelde KPI’s met de kwalitatief juiste output, dat is waar jij voor gaat.  Aan jou de taak ...

Location Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Company name Logisch i.o.v. Eijerkamp  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-10-21  Save job Save job

and further optimize the customer experience and boost both our and our retailers’ online business, we currently seek an expert, creative and forward-thinking Head of E-commerce Benelux As manager of the E-commerce team, you support and enable our digital ambitions for Benelux by rolling out the E-commerce strategy and rethinking existing structures. In doing so you set ambitious goals in terms of the rapid commercialization of our digital activities, and achieve outstanding sales results across our own ...

Location Sassenheim, South Holland, Netherlands 
Company name AkzoNobel  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-08-30  Save job Save job

the following: Steer joint incident investigations and joint risk analysis for change projects; Develop, maintain and apply methodologies for joint safety management; Develop and maintain the Roadmap Safety Improvement Schiphol; Support decision-making and administration in cross-sectoral taskforces; Work with the various companies at Schiphol airport; Ensure monitoring effectiveness of risk mitigations;   Your main results: Well-founded decisions by the top-management of the aviation sector about safety ...

Location Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Schiphol Group  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-08-28  Save job Save job

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