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and change management guidance to the Division’s senior HR and Communications Team Develop impactful communication plans in relation to People priorities, including Engagement, Learning & Talent, Recruitment, HR Operations, Compensation and Benefits, and other relevant teams. These plans will include target audiences, content of messages, timing and communications channels Design and implement People campaigns to increase awareness of key HR-driven programmes and initiatives that shape ...

Location Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Arlington Consultants  Employment type contract  Start date 2019-03-13  Save job Save job

additional supply. For each planning event, collaborate closely with Unit Supply Coordination and IT colleagues in order to prepare schedule settings, system settings, data loading, etc. Proactively get enough market and product knowledge to make proper analysis on the business progress. Update Management on the outcome of the event, to inform them of the demand and sales forecast situation. Bachelor level through education or working experience. At least 5 years of work ...

Location Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Yamaha Motor Europe NV  Employment type contract  Start date 2019-03-17  Save job Save job

reports to customers as necessary Order, install, return parts and manage local spare part stock to ensure availability and best cycle times Ensure that tools and test equipment is properly maintained and calibrated Assess product/equipment performance based on field support data Use experience and insights gained to recommend modifications or improvements Exercise every available measure to control and minimize costs Seek to provide technical support to customers and other ...

Location Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Smiths Detection (International)  Employment type contract  Start date 2019-01-27  Save job Save job

- en denkniveau en/of een opleiding op gebied van informatica of elektrotechniek. Bij voorkeur heb je ervaring met de ITIL-methodiek. Ben jij die kwalitatieve en resultaatgerichte people manager en vind je het leuk om het beste uit jouw medewerkers te halen, heb je aantoonbare ervaring in leidinggeven in een technische omgeving en ontwikkeling en technisch beheer, goede kennis of affiniteit met ATM en werken in een projectorganisatie? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou. Een assessment kan onderdeel ...

Location Schiphol, North Holland, Netherlands 
Company name Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland  Employment type contract  Start date 2019-03-19  Save job Save job

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